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December 18, 2018

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Ways to Help you Grow your Best Beard Ever

March 1, 2019

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If you are reading this article, then its sure you are desperate to grow your best beard. And yes, it’s time to have a pop at growing a beard that will add a little bit of masculine shape to your jawline. It’s regarded as a sign of fertility and honour, so lets get into some proven ways that help you grow your best beard ever. But before diving into the tips, we should know what connection do men have with beards? Let’s understand:


Men and Beard Connection:

This natural process is regulated by testosterone and men begin to develop facial hairs when they hit puberty. The growth rate of beard is entirely regulated by interaction between testosterone and hair follicles. So, we cannot miraculously accelerate the natural growing process of beards, but instead make various efforts to help them grow the best, fastest and the fullest. Here are some efforts, we can make:


Hygiene Comes First: For a guaranteed long and strong growing beard, always keep your beard clean. We can use a number of natural products like beard shampoo, beard oil, beard brush, etc. A natural beard wash or shampoo can do wonders as it leaves your beard hair soft, smooth and shiny. A beard oil is also recommended to use, which makes your beard softer, cleaner and free of skin irritation. Brushing your beards regularly is a great habit as it loosens dead skin cells, remove daily dirt and untangle your hair mess.


Leading Healthy Life: Beard is a reflection of your lifestyle. Leading a healthy lifestyle is equally proportionate to having a thicker and fuller beard. Managing a little time from your busy schedule to take care of your skin, exfoliating the face once a week, removing flaky or dry skin, regularly exercising, etc. will stimulate the blood circulation of the face which will promote hair growth. So, take good care of your diet, skin and most importantly, a good sleep.


Using Hair Thickening Fibers: Using hair thickening fiber definitely helps in growing your beard. The challenge here is to pick the right product which actually transforms your beard. One such well known brand is Look Thick. You can visit the online store and choose the best hair thickening fiber as per your beard color. Look Thick Instant Hair Building Fiber product is their best selling product. It is made of plant resinous fiber, keratin derivative, anti static agent that helps with existing hair strands to instantly create the appearance of naturally thick, full hair.


Reduce Ingrown Hair Count: Ingrown hairs can be anywhere but they are most prominent in men’s beard. It’s a matter of worry because ingrown hair becomes a barrier for hair growth. There are many ways to stop ingrown hair like gentle skin rubbing, regularly using beard oil and changing razor cartridges frequently.



To conclude, we can say that growing a beard is a fulfilling transformation. It’s common in young man to dream a face full of fuzz to appear more masculine. But, when the time comes, all we need to have good basic know-how to make your beloved beard and of course you look more handsome day-to-day.


Here is a bonus tip:  If you drink an average amount of beer, in a year your average length mustache can trap a pint and a half of beer.


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