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December 18, 2018

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Importance of using Hair Spray Applicator for Applying Hair Fibers

May 13, 2019

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If you want to show off a beautiful scalp we recommend using this product line, but if you want to apply thick fibers to the scalp in a precise way you can choose to use the new Hair Spray Applicator.




This new spray is a tool that is patented and works by sticking in a bottle of the product that has a regular or large size. That is to say, this tool can be adapted to bottles of hair fiber products that have a normal size of 12 g and large size of 27 g.


Also, this sprayer allows the person to apply the thick fibers on the scalp in a precise and extremely simple way, that is, this Hair Fiber Spray Applicator will allow the person to aim and simply spray the fibers in specific areas of the scalp, to use the fibers only in areas where you need it and in this way also save the product.


What does the Hair Spray Applicator do?


Note that this Hair Fiber Spray Applicator helps to disperse or distribute all fibers evenly and in areas that only need it. In the same way, this tool is really useful to use when you want to place the product specifications in the hairline and in all the edges of it, places where using the traditional bottle does not offer very effective results or with the finish that the person wishes.





On the other hand, if you wish to have a more precise and quick result, then you can combine the Hair Spray Applicator and the Hairline Optimizer to work comfortably on the hairline. Likewise, the person can use this spray applicator to hide or disguise certain parts of the scalp, as well as cover the roots and also mix the different extensions that it has on the hair.


That is why it is very important that you use this tool if you want your hair to look perfect, with more volume and a lot of life. Do not worry about the inevitable loss of hair or the weakness of the fiber, this product guarantees high quality results that will not disappoint you.


It is an innovative process in which the natural Keratin Hair Fibers are fixed to your hair. The steps are very simple and do not represent any danger to your health or skin. You can do the procedure yourself at home, following the instructions.


It will be enough to apply it on dry hair giving it a small pat, in order that the static charge of the fiber adheres to the natural strand of your hair. This will keep it stable and resist water, comb it normally or move naturally by the action of the wind. So, do not worry about losing hair, with this product, you will recover it right away and it will look great.


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