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December 18, 2018

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How to Choose Look Thick Hair Fiber Shade to Match your Hair Color?

May 30, 2019

There is no doubt that hair fiber has the function of effectively hiding alopecia, as well as giving body, and a more natural look to those areas that have little hair. Certainly, the power to use them properly and not to notice a bit of superficiality is to consider the right color that matches the color of your natural hair, as well as the thickness of your hair if it is thinner or thicker.

To choose the tone of your hair fiber, it is important to take into account several necessary aspects, these are: first, you must make the decision to choose it in relation to your skin tone, in addition to the color of your eyes, secondly, consider the color of your eyebrows or your hair roots, as well as the thickness of your hair.


Things to consider

If you are going to use the Black Hair Fibers; It is necessary that you consider first that your hair is not dyed, if not, you should only acquire the same tone of your hair or darker, never lighter. So with the Black Hair Fibers; they will look much more natural. Go for the best hair thickening fibers by Look Thick brand.





If your hair is brown and you also have a somewhat dark skin tone and your hair is not dyed, then you must acquire Hair Fibers Dark Brown, if you use a lighter color you will notice the difference, unless you decide to dye the hair and in that case you would have to use the Medium Brown Hair Fibers. Remember that the color you use must be in perfect harmony with your skin tone, but especially with the color of eyebrows and roots that is what really determines the color, you will use. For this particular case of brown hair color, if you decide to use Hair Fibers Dark Brown; or you decide to apply the Medium Brown Hair Fibers in your hairline or hairless areas, it is very important that the appearance looks as uniform and natural as possible.



Effectively conceals baldness and densifies areas of poor hair, undetectable, waterproof and windproof and a natural solution perfectly designed for all types of hair, either thin or thicker hair or a wide variety of shades and colors.

Baldness should no longer be something inevitable to which you have to resign and now, with this incredible option has the opportunity to do something more for you and your hair. Feel the youth and freedom; avoid being a prisoner of the events that the future brings. The good thing is that there is a wide variety of products besides best hair thickening products that can help you, so investigate, know and do what you can to have what you crave; know your possibilities and go for the best, you will not regret it later.


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