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December 18, 2018

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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Apply Hair Building Fibers

April 8, 2019

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Men and women both like to have thick hairs on their head. When hairs start thinning, they can lead to hair fall, which further can lead to baldness. There are many techniques, which people apply to keep their hairs thick and growing. One such thing is applying hair fibers, which can make the hairs look thick as they blend with the hairs easily.


What are Hair fibers?


Hair fibers are made up of keratin protein and are available in different colors. If you have thin hairs, then you can purchase the fibers and choose the color, which will suit your hairs. After understanding how to use hair building fibers, you can make your hair look thick and hide the baldness.


How Hair Fibers Work?


Hair fibers are developed on the basis of keratin, cotton, or hair and are available in many colors. The fibers work well if hairs are existing on the scalp as they attach themselves to the hairs and which help to remove thinness and show thick hairs. The hair fibers are made up of natural ingredients, thus they don’t have any side effect on the hairs, scalp, or body. The fibers cannot be used for hair loss as they do not contribute in growing new hairs. But can be used to make the thin hairs look thick.




Selecting the right fibers

Here are the tips that will help you to choose the right fiber:


Right ingredients:

You have to select such a product that does not contain any harmful ingredients. Like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, aluminum, cotton, silica, etc. These products may harm the existing hairs as well as the scalp.


You have to choose the color that will go well with your hair. Fibers are available in multiple colors and users have the option to choose the one, which is better for the hair.


Suit the hairs:

You should choose such a fiber that will suit the hairs. The fibers can be used for all types of hair, whether straight, curly, wavy, and others.


Tips for using the Fibers

After choosing the fibers, you have to find out how to apply hair fibers. Here are the tips, which you should keep in mind while applying the hair fibers.


Application on Dry Hairs

The fibers should be applied on dry hairs as the static electricity of the hairs will help the fibers to blend easily. If the hairs are wet ,the fibers will form lumps and will not get attached to the hairs. If you need to apply any styling product, then, that should be done after the application of fibers.


Right Amount

You should apply the right amount of fibers. A small amount will suffice and make the hairs look naturally thick. If the fibers are used in a large amount, it will make the hairs thick but that will look unnatural. So, how much a fiber needs to be applied depends upon the hair condition.


Water and Moisture

You should be away from water and moisture as they could wash away the fibers. Instead, you have to wait for a few hours so that the fibers blend with the hairs. After that, they can take a bath and there will be no harm to fibers.


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